Monday, November 10, 2014


So yeah what's up everybody!

This week has been pretty awesome!!  California.  Land of the never cold.  I miss it.  The only time it is kind of chilly is in the mornings when we run and then it's only like 45 degrees.  Anyways.  Enough complaining about not being freezing.

So the work is still moving!  As usual!  Marilu, Brandon, and now Erick all have baptismal dates!!  Marilu and Brandon on the 22nd of November and Erick on the 6th of December!  We found a family of 4 around 2 weeks ago and it's looking the mom and 2 kids will probably be pretty solid!  The mom's name is Esperanza and she has 2 little girls, both under baptism age, dang it, and her husband who she's said his name but I can't remember it right now.  Esperanza is pretty solid but her husband is always at work... so that doesn't help a lot.  Other than all of them we just have a bunch of potentials we are trying.  Also we are continuing to work with the less actives.  Shoot, a lot of them kinda hate the church and we've had 2 people tell us to remove their names from the church and to never contact them again.  Pretty sad but we honored their request and they have been blotted out!

Other random stuff:  I had a jalepeno pepper the other day.  I ate it and shooooooooooooooooooooooot.  It was HOT!  Haha it was at President Jimenez's casa. They all laughed when I ate it and stuff but then I started getting SUPER red! Haha I'm already sorta red but give me a Jalepeno pepper.....  Haha I guess that freaked them out cause they gave me a lemon with salt, ice, a caramel candy and told me to go to their bathroom in case I threw up.  Haha I was sweating a bunch!  Shoot it was really HOT!  They said next time we came for dinner they'd have Ghost Peppers for us!  That'll be great!

I went on an exchange with Elder Pereida this week.  He is my District leader's companion.  He's from Guatamala and he is the funniest Elder!  I had such a good time! He does really well connecting with the members and he knows the Bible like the back of his hand!  He said he's thrown down hard on Jehovah's Witnesses before!  Shoot.  I told him that I kinda wanted to bash at least one time with the J-dubs.  He said he'd train me if I wanted to throw down like one of the greats like him.  Shoot, I love him!  He's great!

Anyways.  The Church is true!

Oran Siempre!

Elder Frame

Elder Pereida! He's such a goofball

Elder Pereida's desk toys

Study room

My desk!

Our bedroom

The Kitchen

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