Monday, November 10, 2014

I am Addicted…

I am addicted, literally. To two things. First, to Fanta. Yep, the soda. I never drank soda when I was in the U.S. But here, wow this week I have had one every day!!! It is amazing how good it is! It is probably because we walk so much in the heat and humidity that we stop in one of the tiendas and get one. In the pictures my comp has water. Don’t be fooled my friends…. She drinks so much soda it’s funny! But this week one of my goals is to cut down on the Fanta. It is not that great for my body, but oh YUM I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

The second thing I am addicted to is the gospel. How original right? No but really. This week has been amazing. After last week’s letter I am sure you all think I am hating it. NO I LOVE IT! This week I have been on cloud 9!

We have taught so many people, contacted like crazy, and experienced so much. The missionary life is so amazing. One of my favorite times of the day is to study. I crave the doctrine. I crave reading the Book of Mormon. Seriously it is crazy how addicted I am. If I could just sit in my room and read the conference talks, read Preach My Gospel, and read the scriptures I would be Gucci! But I have to go spread the gospel! That is the awesome part about it. The gospel is amazing! It changes lives. It brings hope, peace and joy in not only our everyday life but for eternity.  My favorite thing this week is to contact families. We like to go to the plaza or just walk the main streets and talk to families about the gospel. I am excited to get better at Spanish so I can say more but it is so fun to talk to the cute kids and meet all the people. We have a lot of appointments this week which is great. I hope we can follow up and start teaching them!

Funny experience this week.... We have gotten fumigated 3 times this week! They fumigate to get rid of the critters and mostly to get rid of mosquitos because of dengue. One day we were studying and all of a sudden a guy in a gas mask with a huge machine that looks like a huge lightning bolt shooter-thing tells us to go out quick because he is going to spray fumes. WHAT!???  RUN FOR OUR LIVES!!! And once again I am so confused because the machine is super loud and my comp is the one talking to him.  Well we didn’t have time to grab anything and my comp didn’t have shoes on, and it was so funny because we ended up having to stay outside for an hour while we waited for the house to "fumigate" Haha! So we tried talking to people as we walked by but it was SO FUNNY! But it happened 3 times! I don’t see the point because there is bugs everywhere and the people are not super clean anyway so I don’t know…

I am excited to say I have 2 months in the mission! It is crazy but I have learned so much and I have so much to learn. The people are amazing here and I am really feeling the hand of the Lord in my life. Each time we teach I feel Heavenly Fathers love for the people. It is real.

Before I go, I want to emphasize how important it is to do missionary work. M. Russell Ballard said “The world is in need of your help. There are feet to steady, hands to grasp, minds to encourage, hearts to inspire, and souls to save. The blessings of eternity await you.” Go and read the talk by him in the Nov. 2013 issue of the Ensign. It is “Put your trust in the Lord”. Do a little better each day. The gospel is amazing. Put it first in your life and everything will work out. Pray, read, live, repeat. I love you all! Untill next week.

Hermana Frame

The spider we found walking on one of the main streets here. It was huge and yellow! My comp loves to collect bugs but I told her we had to leave it… Haha
Fanta in a bag! The owners of the tiendas (little stores they have in their homes) don’t let you take the glass bottles so they put it in the plastic bags. It gets really messy but it is SO worth it! Me and my cute 
Companion Hermana Hoskins

These are called Moto taxies… We actually teach one of our investigators in it. Her name is Wendy! I will have to send a pic next week of her with us.  

But these things are all over Quillabamba, and it is how we travel.

There is a picture of what it looks like when we are in one too. We mostly take it to go to the church because it is farther into Quillabamba.

Macamango ! The school there and the dirt roads… It feels like I am in Africa or somewhere super poor when we go there.
 It is all dirt roads and you can hear the bugs at night, the frogs in the water, and all the crazy noises of the jungle.

The plaza. I will send better pics next week! But it is one of my favorite places and they keep it SO clean! It is closer to the middle part of the city. We LOVE to contact here!
El Marcado! I love this place!
I buy my granadillas here each week! It is only on Mondays
and all thepeople bring their fresh fruit and veggies
to sell for really cheap. Which is dirt cheap in the U.S.
But wow the culture is amazing here!
I learn something new, see something new,
and taste something new every day! I LOVE PERU!!!!!

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